Malky's Human European Hair Extensions, 16" Long, Clip In, 7 Piece Set

Malky Wigs

Malky's Human European Hair Extensions, 16" Long, Clip In, 7 Piece Set
7 clip-in human hair wefts; 
  • - 2 x 7.5" wide 16" Extensions
  • - 2 x 5.5" wide 16" Extensions
  • - 2 x 3.5" wide 16" Extensions
  • - 1 x 2.5" wide 16" Extensions
Use hair extensions to add length, volume, and/or highlights to your hair. These clip-in human hair extensions are made to last! They are created with Malky's unique, european hair, and our long-standing commitment to quality.They are easily applied with pressure sensitive clips.
How to clip them in: 
1) Make sure the clips are in the “open” position by pressing against the middle of each clip from the outside of each weft.
2) Using a fine-tooth comb, make a part in your hair about 7 inches wide in the back of your head where your head starts to curve. Clip the hair above the part up, so it keeps out of the way.
3) Hold a 6 inch weft by the middle clip, hook it into your hair in the center of the part you made, and use 2 fingers to press against the sides of the clip just until it snaps closed gripping your hair. Do the same for the clips at each end of the weft.
4)Repeat steps 2 & 3 about an inch above the first weft using the second 6 inch weft, then both seven inch wefts as you go higher.
5) Use the 2 four inch wefts to increase the volume on the sides of your head and use the one inch weft to fill in for any disconnects once you are done.





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