European Multidirectional Short Bob Dirty Blonde #16/10 Cap XL

Malky Wigs

Looking for a....

Beautiful, stunning, high quality wig that will be a great and reliable hair on any day with a multi-directional skin top with endless styling options?

This new multi-directional "skin-top" wig from Malky is for you!

This is a brand new 100% kosher European hair wig from Malky Wigs.

The color of this particular piece is marked as color #16/10- dirty blonde. The color is just stunning! This wig has very soft silky hair and is an easy maintenance style that can be styled in different ways according to your mood. It can also be cut to a shorter length with or without bangs.

This is a great wig for hair loss due to chemo, alopecia, medication, or heredity or for "bad hair days", travel, or just for a fun change.

The cap sizes run from small to large and has velcro size adjustments.  Available in a variety of colors and highlights (black, brown, blond). Different lengths are also available. Please call/email  any questions you have about the wigs